Villas in Mallorca

Villas in Mallorca

Mallorca is different, both from what you would expect, and from other European destinations. Its great beauty and understated and relaxed charm has drawn the famous since the 19th Century when Chopin had a scandalous relationship with the writer George Sand in Valldemossa; in the early 20th Century famous regulars included Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie and Gracy Kelly.

Today, mass tourism is a small and dwindling part of the story: of course there are pockets of development, but it is easy to miss them and even these resorts are not on anything like the scale that you might find in mainland Spain. At about 1400 square miles, it is only about the size of Kent, but offers incredible variety of landscapes from the beautiful and very dramatic mountainous west coast to the flatter interior and South. Palma, the capital, is surely one of the prettiest towns in Europe with a lovely bay and spectacular cathedral, similar to the one in Barcelona (but smaller and nicer).

As an established destination, Mallorca is very well set up for most things you might want to do, but also refreshingly different, a fashionable and relaxed take on the good things about the mainland. Nothing is very far from anything else (and the roads are excellent) so it makes a very good place for a get-away-from-it-all-and-relax holiday; but there is great variety with some stunning landscapes and lovely towns: Palma, Pollenca, Deia, Valldemossa should all be seen and can be easily within a day, although you may want to spend considerably more time in any one of these.

Local beaches
Beaches are everywhere so beating the crowds is easy. Landscapes are dramatic, from the North of the island where the dramatic mountains fall down straight into the sea where you will find private little rocky coves to the East and West sides where the sand is smooth and things are livelier.

The island is blessed with superb ingredients and particularly seafood is outstanding. Recent innovation in the culinary scene has seen local Mallorquin chefs create a cuisine that is unique to the island, this combined with a large number of chefs from all over Europe, and it is now a major foodie destination. Even at the more affordable end of the scale it is very difficult to find a bad restaurant.

Casa Helena

Genova, Mallorca

This is a stunning, modern yet very welcoming villa on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca.

  • Sleeps up to 12
  • £9710 - £12960 per week
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