Support the Penn Super Seven Fun Run

20120624-IMG_9092Penn Common is usally pretty rather than exciting.  From our office overlooking the Common we usually see things like ducks walking past and a few hikers; but for one day every June things get livelier with the annual Penn Super Seven and Fun Run, this year on June 23rd.  It is a proper 7-mile road race (in the morning) and a 5km fun run (in the afternoon). Other festivities on the day include mini-marathons, a balloon race (not big ones, little ones) and a tug-of-war at 4pm.

If you live in South Bucks, please do get training and attend – here is how to enter.  Each year a different charity is supported: this is the thirtieth year and the charities are: the Thomas Ball Children’s Cancer Charity ( and The Iain Rennie Hospice at Home (recently renamed Rennie Grove ), both enormously worthwhile local charities which do excellent and useful work in the South Bucks area.

We are delighted to announce that once again, in the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy living, we will be sponsoring the beer tent, where a selection of drinks will be on offer to refrsh you after your exertions.  We have thought about the contrast between running and beer and concluded that the two are a yin and a yang, both useful and valuable in their own way, but nothing without the other.

Here is an interesting article on the value of beer as a way of recovering and replenishing carbohydrate after phytical exercise: but note that drinking beer the night before the race doesn’t count as carbo-loading.


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