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What’s on Summer in the Algarve 2018
We take a look at just a few of the many great events in the Algarve this summer: from heritage festivals to foodie fetes and sporty celebrations.
Silves’ Medieval Fair
Every year, the city of Silves hosts a Medieval fair in the historic centre. With travelling musicians, jugglers and colourful market stalls that fill the streets this entertaining fair evokes the spirit of everyday life in the Middle Ages. 10-19 August 2018
The MED Festival
The eclectic MED Festival is one of the most exciting events in the region and is held in the historic centre of Loulé. ‘World Music’ concerts, a variety of handicraft stalls, dance and theatre performances, as well as a selection of multicultural gastronomy can all be enjoyed at this vibrant event. 28-30 June 2018
FIESA – International Sand Sculpture Festival
Between March and October, the town of Pêra holds an unexpected surprise — the world’s largest sand sculpture festival (FIESA). Sand artists come from all over the world and mould between them some 45,000 tons of sand. This year’s theme is “places and faces from the arts and entertainment” – film, theatre, TV and more. From March to November.
FATACIL – Handicraft, Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Industry Fair
Held in Lagoa this entertaining fair is one of the most popular and largest summer events to take place in the Algarve. Live performances by famous Portuguese and international acts, countless stalls displaying traditional crafts and pottery, as well as a rich variety of typical gastronomy are all on offer at this regional fair. 17- 26 August 2018
The Loulé ‘White Night’
On the last Saturday of August, Loulé hosts a goodbye to summer party with a Noite Branca or White Night party. Everyone must wear night for this vibrant, fun event. Listen to chill-out music as you wander through the bustling streets of the city’s historic centre, street entertainment, music and dancing make this a unique night out.
The Shellfish Festival
This festival is held in the Jardim do Pescador Olhanense area in the town of Olhão. One of the most important gastronomic events in the Algarve calendar, the Festival do Marisco, is an opportunity for local fishermen to proudly display their catch on one of the hundreds of stalls that line the fishing port. Clams, succulent oysters, shrimp, crayfish, lobster and crab will give you a delicious taste of the Algarve. Entertainment and regional sweets can also be enjoyed at this fun festival. 9-14 August 2018
The Sardine Festival
This festival offers the chance to enjoy some tasty grilled sardines from the surrounding waters of Portimão. Every year when the festival ends, colourful fireworks illuminate the sky to celebrate the success of this popular event. Second week of August.
Portugal Masters Golf Tournament
Vilamoura welcomes prestigious golf players every year to participate in this fabulous event – one of the leading golf events in Portugal. Taking place at the resort’s stunning Victoria Golf Club, this is an exceptional event that will thrill enthusiastic golf devotees. 20 -23 September 2018
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