Six Luxury Villas for Less than £3K per Week (Some a lot less than that)

The fact that a villa is inexpensive definitely does not mean that it is not luxurious: of the many villas we see every year, a large number fail to make it onto our website; even the less expensive ones are very good.  The secret is location: by being just a few miles away from more expensive areas you can save a lot.

Here are six villas at reasonable prices that are to a very high standard and won’t break the bank.  A house for £2000 a week divided by 8 people is £250 a week each: do what you like, eat when you like, have your holiday your way.

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Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (France’s Most Beautiful Villages) is an official designation which promotes small and outstandingly pretty villages.  To become a member a community must have less than 2000 inhabitants and at least two protected areas of picturesque, scientific, artistic or historic relevance.  In all France there are 150 odd villages that qualify; in the particularly lovely region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur there are several, a couple of which we know.  In this series we start with Gassin.

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