No Frills: No courtesy

I catch a lot of no frills flights and it would be good if our suffering passengers got their heads together to praise and scorn as appropriate. Firstly the big beasts Easyjet and Ryanair need separating, and that is simple. Their websites are
equally friendly, (unlike their staff) but not as good as BA.

Thereafter the differences are sharp. Somehow Ryanair has gathered up ground staff and cabin staff who are especially and uniquely illiterate. The Ryanair airport announcements are a polyglot gabble in bossy tones and incomprensible. Easyjet learnt from GO! (whom they bought from BA) to speak slowly – and how to deal with grumbling passengers. Ryanair allegedly charge cabin staff for their jobs by way of making them pay for ‘training’ – rather in the style of doorman at Claridges – and the staff allegedly resent that. And it shows.

So you can choose between the noisy lot and the quiet lot. Both will offer amazing deals – and half the deals are deceptions. But both say it is cheaper if you book early – and both mean it. And keep to it

The smaller no frills are hugely nicer  – they are mostly spin offs from established airlines (example German Wings from KLM) and know what they are doing. Any new ones, which are starting from scratch, are best left alone.